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Morning guys!

Having a great start today? I know I am. Off to a spinning class before I leave for work. Speaking of work… In addition to my work as a project manager at Reklamehuset Wera I use a lot of time working with this blog. So I am deffinetly depending on a workspace at home. Thought I share some styling tips with you, and maybe some different stylings during the day. Let´s just call it working Wednesday! 😉

Don’t limit yourself to utilitarian storage boxes; consider ones made of materials such as horn, paper, ceramic or wood
Clear glass is a decorator’s secret weapon. Stashing supplies in glass vases, bowls or jars keeps them orderly and easy to find.
Many people spend as much time, if not more, in their home office as in thekitchen or family room, so make it a cosy and homey place to work by adding artwork, beautiful accessories and flowers — they’ll make you feel better when paying the bills!
Seek inspiration wherever you can. Even a notebook offer the perfect color pallette for a home office and can set a make over in motion. Keep your eyes open for colours and patterns you love.
And my favourite…. Turn trash into treasure. You don’t need a huge budget for a dramatic change. Your furniture may not be glamorous, but it’s functional — you may not need to buy a new desk. A professionally sprayed-on cream-colour paint can make the furniture look clean and new. Or do as I, mix designer elements with a cheap desk from Jysk and vintage treasures.

See you later today sweeties. Thank´s for stopping by! <3

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